Apple News Widget Missing on iOS 17.4.1? Here’s Why

Apple News Widget Missing on iOS 17.4.1

Apple News Widget Missing on iOS 17.4.1

In this guide, we will make you aware of a plausible reason why the Apple News Widget is missing from iOS 17.4.1 and what are the effective ways to tackle this issue. There’s quite a lot happening in the Cupertino giant’s ecosystem over the past few months. The new European Union law seems to have broken the very core of the Apple ecosystem- something that it prides on since day 1.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about its closed-walled garden with restrictions imposed all around, the biggest among which is the inability of the users to download apps from outside the App Store. From their point of view, it spells out a highly secure environment as users will only be able to download the apps that have gone through heavy checks from Apple.

However, this also means that users are limited to only those apps that are present inside the App Store, a stark contrast to the Android OS wherein you could easily sideload apps from any third-party site of your choice. But thanks to the ruling of the EU, the tech giants are left with no choice but to allow users to sideload apps outside of the App Store, at least in Europe.

Apple News Widget Missing on iOS 17.4.1

Apart from that, users will now get alternative ways to pay for in-app transactions, thereby letting them bypass those hefty transaction fees imposed by Apple. All in all, this ruling seems to be a major death knell for Apple but at the same time, gives users a major reason to rejoice. Unfortunately, this triumph might come at a cost.

Apple News Widget Missing on iOS 17.4.1

Numerous users living in European countries have voiced their concern that the Apple News Widget is missing from their iPhones running the latest iOS 17.4.1 update. However, do note that only the widget has disappeared, the News app is still working well and good along the expected lines. So what could be the plausible reason behind this issue and more importantly how could it be rectified? Let’s find out.

Why is Apple News Widget Missing on iOS 17.4.1?

A bunch of users got in touch with the Appl Support Team and this is the response they got:

The support ended for the Apple News widget in the vast majority of countries where Apple News is not available as an app. There will be news about this on May 8th. Considering that the Apple event will take place on May 7th, maybe, just maybe they’ll announce a widespread rollout of Apple News.

The statement from the Apple Support staff should always be taken with a pinch of salt as they aren’t the official member themselves. With that said, as of now, this is the closest we could get to getting any type of information. Lo let’s just wait for a couple of days and hear what the Cupertino giant has to say.

Is There a Fix?

Until Apple rolls out a workaround [for which there is no estimated time], you may download and install the Google News app and then add the Google News widget. It has the same random 5 local news feeds as the Apple News widget. On that note, we round off this guide. As and when there is any further development [official or otherwise regarding the Apple News Widget missing from iOS 17.4.1, we will update this post accordingly. Stay tuned. 

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UPDATE 1: Issues from Non-EU Regions too

Well, the initial speculations went for a toss as the issues are now pouring in from regions outside Europe, including the likes of India and the US as well. So this issue doesn’t seem to have any link with the EU laws whatsoever. With that said, we are still awaiting the announcement for the 8th of March which could give us an issue regarding the mysterious disappearance of this app.

Apple News Widget Missing on iOS 17.4.1

UPDATE 2: The Deadline Has Passed!

The 8th March deadline has already passed and the Apple Event is done and dusted as well, however, there’s no discussion or mention about this bug from the official sources. The wait only gets longer.

UPDATE 3: iOS 17.5 Update Does No Good

Apple has recently rolled out the iOS 17.5 beta update unfortunately, this issue is still left to be addressed. Either they are not yet aware of this bug [which is highly unlikely because many have already filed a bug report and numerous forums are literally flooded with such reports] or there’s something going in the backend on a much larger scale which will take time to be addressed. Still, a note from Apple as to what actions they are taking [if any] and the estimated time of a fix [if it is indeed a bug] is the least they can do rather than keeping its users in the dark.

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