How to Customize Pixel Battery Percentage and Clock Styles

Customize Pixel Battery Percentage and Clock Styles

Customize Pixel Battery Percentage and Clock Styles

In this guide, we will show you some nifty workarounds that should help you customize the Pixel battery percentage and clock styles. One of the major USPs of the devices from the Silicon Valley giant is its clean stock UI experience with just the required set of features. As opposed to the likes of MIUI or ColorOS, it wouldn’t give you the bloated usage experience and this is the reason why many are inclined towards this UI.

However, this also translates to the fact that you might end up missing out on some customization tweaks that other OEMs have to offer. There’s no denying the fact that the likes of Samsung’s One UI and Xiaomi’s HyperOS offer tons of additional features than what Google has to offer in its OS. With that said, you do have the option to flash a custom ROM and welcome abode most of these tweaks, but these ROMs come with their own share of issues.

From bugs and stability issues to their sudden discontinuation, there’s always an element of risk involved in flashing these ROMs. So is there a way out through which you could customize the likes of Battery Percentage and clock styles on your Pixel device and at the same time, be in the stock ecosystem? Well, there does exist a nifty method that will help you get this job done, though it will come at a cost. So without further ado, let’s check it out.

How to Customize Pixel Battery Percentage and Clock Styles


XDA Recognized Contributor Tulsadiver has created quite a few mods for the beloved Pixel that will allow you to carry out a slew of intriguing tweaks, including but not limited to:

Clock Mods
Add Internet Traffic Speed Indicator
Choose Traffic Speed Indicator Up-Down Colors (default is white)
Navbar Swap
Remove Battery Icon, leave percentage
Swap Battery Icon and percentage
One percent custom battery Mods-a few to choose from
One percent custom battery Text-only-Several to choose from
Colored Statusbar-Navbar Icons
Remove Carrier Text
Narrow brightness and Volume Bars
Right clock over system Icons option
Custom Navbar Icons option

However, there’s just one obvious caveat- you’ll have to root your device before flashing these modules. If that’s well and good, then refer to our guide on How to Root Android via Magisk and then get started with the below steps.


After Installing this module, your screen will relock after every reboot of your phone. You unlock it the first time, and in about a second it will relock itself and you will have to unlock it again.


This is only supported on rooted Pixel devices running the latest Android 15 build.

Manual Approach

This method will give you more granular control as you can flash only the module that you wish to and leave others aside.

Right clock
Right clock-Navbar Swap
Navbar Swap
Navbar Removed
Battery and Percent Icons Removed "Integer Only Remains"
Battery Icon Removed "Percent Only"
Battery Icon Removed "Percent Only" Swap Navbar
Battery Icon Removed "Percent Only" - Right Clock
No Clock
Battery percentage on the left side of the battery icon
Battery percentage integer on the left side of the battery icon minus % symbol
Battery percentage % symbol Removed
Right Clock over System Icons with Internet Speed indicators
Right Clock over System Icons

How to Flash These Modules

Flashing these modules is quite simple- just flash it via Magisk as you do so for any other module. Here’s how it could be done:

  1. To begin with, transfer the downloaded module to your device.
  2. Then launch Magisk, go to Modules, and tap on Install from Storage.flash magisk module
  3. Now select the module and then tap OK in the confirmation dialog box.
  4. Once flashed, hit Reboot. Your device will reboot with the mod active.

Automatic Approach

  1. To begin with, download and extract the ADB Mod Installer on your PC.
  2. Then enable USB Debugging on your device and connect it to PC via USB.usb debugging
  3. Now run the TulsadiverModsInstaller.bat file present in the ADB Mod folder.
  4. You’ll get a SuperUser request, tap Grant. Now flash the SystemUI Base First.
  5. There are two to choose from: With/without Navbar back and Recents Swapped.
  6. Likewise, choose all the other mods that you want to flash.adb mod installer
  7. Once you have made all the selections, run the “Finish building Module”.
  8. This will give you module in a folder called “ozop” on your device.
  9. Finally, flash via Magisk > Install from Storage section > Reboot.flash magisk module

That’s it. These were the steps to customize the Pixel battery percentage and clock styles. If you still have any queries with regard to the aforementioned steps, then do let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest.

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