Which GSI ROM file should you download for your Android Device

which gsi rom to download

which gsi rom to download

This tutorial will list the instructions required to download a GSI ROM corresponding to a compatible Android device. Every OEM prides itself on having its own unique OS skin having a different UI/UX and features set. However, from the user’s point of view, not all of them might be in sync with their requirement. For instance, the likes of MIUI and ColorOS are widely regarded as the two most bloated OS skins wherein some believe that Pixel’s stock UI has too less to offer.

In all these scenarios, one handy [yet slightly technical route] is to welcome abode a customized firmware. However, the thing is not every device enjoys the same level of support from the developing community. As a result of this, there are many devices that are left behind without any custom ROMs whatsoever. Well, this is where a Generic System Image comes into the fray.

As is evident from its name, these are generic images and hence are supported across every device that is Project Treble compatible [in other words, devices launched with Android 8+ out of the box]. Since this encompasses nearly every device launched in the last few years, hence the usage of these GSI ROMs has been on an upward trajectory.

While that’s well and good, however, there has always been an element of uncertainty in the minds of users as to which type of GSI ROM file should they download corresponding to their Android device. And we can’t blame them either. When the likes of VNDKLite, System as Root, and CPU Architecture pop up, it might lead to many newcomers scratching their heads. Well, not anymore as this guide is here to help them out. Follow along for the instructions.

Which GSI ROM file should you download for your Android Device?

Usually, a Generic System Image is named after the below format [though their order might vary, the elements will remain the same]


which gsi rom to download

Let’s now understand each of these modules in depth.

  • arm|a64|arm64: This is the CPU Architecture of your device and could have any of the following values:|
    ARM 32-bit (it has been deprecated since Android 12), 
    a64: ARM 32-bit with 64-bit binder [which only a few older devices have],
    arm64: ARM 64-bit [this will be present across most Android devices].
  • a|b: Next up, it’s “System as Root” or “Non-System as Root”. If your device is System as Root, then it will be A/B, however, for the sake of reference, it is denoted simply by b. On the other hand, if it is Non-System as Root, then it will be A-only is denoted by a. Most Android devices are system as root, in other words, b.
  • v|g: A g GSI ROM signifies that it comes built-in with a GApps package i.e. Google Apps, Services, and Framework [the number of Google Apps will vary depending on the ROM]. On the other hand, a v GSI ROM is a Vanilla build, i.e. without any Google Apps, Services, or Framework.
  • N|S: N stands for Non SuperUser and it signifies that the ROM is non-rooted. On the other hand, S stands for SuperUser and signifies that the GSI ROM is pre-rooted.
  • vndklite|secure|personal: If the VNDK is not in light mode, then download the Non-VNDKLite GSI ROM. On the other hand, if the VNDK is in light mode, then download the VNDKLite version of GSI ROM. The secure and personal variants of GSI ROMs are nearly non-existent.

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So these were all the required information before downloading a GSI ROM. Let’s now have a sneak peek at how to download and subsequently flash these ROMs.

How to Download and Install a GSI ROM?

We have made a detailed guide along with the download links that should come in handy while installing a GSI ROM on any Android device. So make sure to go through all the steps listed in the below guide and in turn welcome abode a new customized firmware:

That’s it. These were the required instructions that would come in handy while downloading a GSI ROM on any Android device. Still, have any doubts? The comments section is all yours, make your voices heard there and we’ll chalk out the best fix for you.

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