How to Download and Install Android 15 on Sharp Devices

download install sharp android 15

download install sharp android 15

In this guide, we will show you the steps to download and install the latest Android 15 build on your Sharp device. Numerous OEMs have started adopting the fifteenth iteration of the OS and this time around we are witnessing the Japanese OEM being quite an active player in this domain, with its device already being blessed with the latest OS build.

What is even intriguing to note though is its approach towards providing these updates. As opposed to other OEMs, you cannot install this OS locally via the Settings menu, instead, you’ll have to take the help of DSU Sideloader [more on that later]. With that said, you all might be waiting in anticipation to know what goodies Android 15 brings with itself.

Well, it’s time to finally raise the curtains off that secret- the likes of Partial Screen Sharing, Notification Cooldown, Lock Screen Widgets, Battery Health Percentage, App Archive, Bluetooth Menu, and Private Space, are just some of the features from the lot that have managed to grab the attention of the masses. So without any further ado, let’s make you aware of the steps to download and install the latest Android 15 update on your Sharp device.

What Approach Did Sharp Take?

Sharp has taken a rather interesting approach when it comes to providing the latest Android 15 OS. Whereas all the other OEMs have provided the update as a ZIP file that you could install via Local Update, Sharp will get this job done via the DSU Sideloader method. For the unaware, DSU Sideloader allows you to sideload a system image [usually a Generic System Image or GSI ROM] onto your device without touching the data partition on your device.

dsu sideloader

As a result of this, you have two separate data partition, one for the stock firmware and the other for the GSI ROM. Whatever files are there on the stock cannot be accessed if you are booted to GSI and vice versa. But the most unique feature of this Sideloader is the fact that you can easily switch between a GSI and stock firmware in just a single tap. This, when translated to the current scenario, you’ll have Android 15 in one slot and Android 14 in the other.

So you could easily switch between both these OS builds just via a single restart, in other words, a restart is all that is needed to do a downgrade [talk about ease of convenience!]. With that said, has any other OEM taken this approach till now? Well, apart from Sharp, Honor is the only OEM that has also opted for the GSI route instead of the generic Local Install. Both these OEMs might prove to be a trendsetter and we might see other smartphone manufacturers take up this route in the coming years.

List of Sharp Devices Recevied Android 15 Update

Given below are the list of all Sharp devices that have received the latest Android 15 update. We will be continuously updating this list as and when new device makes its way. So do keep a check on the same at regular intervals.

AQUOS Sense 8 SH-M26

Bugs in Sharp Android 15 Update

Till the time the update is in the beta stage, you are bound to face a few bugs and issues. In this regard, here are the bugs that you are likely to come across in this latest OS build.

AQUOS Sense 8 Beta 1 Bugs

If you update your device to Android 15, Osaifu-Keitai will no longer be available. You will no longer be able to use it, including for payments. However, your Osaifu-Keitai data will not be deleted after the  update, and you will be able to use it again after rolling back to the Android 14 software. Apart from that, here are some other bugs worthy your attention:

Face recognition registration and operation are not possible
AQUOS trick → Rich Color Technology Mobile does not work
AQUOS trick → Smooth high speed display does not work
AQUOS Trick → Fingerprint sensor and Pay trigger not working
AQUOS Trick → Clip Now doesn't work
AQUOS Trick → Gaming menu doesn't work
AQUOS Trick → Quick operation does not work
AQUOS trick → Cannot switch to AQUOS Home
AQUOS trick → Unable to check battery health level of Intelligent Charge
No sound can be heard when connecting Bluetooth earphones
Unable to receive SMS
Unable to transfer eSIM from Settings → Network and Internet → SIM → Transfer SIM from another device

Download Android 15 for Sharp Devices

You may now get hold of the latest Android 15 build for your Sharp device from below. We will be constantly updating this section as and when the OEM rolls out a new update for a Sharp device. So stay tuned.

AQUOS Sense 8 Beta 1


How to Install Android 15 on Sharp

Before starting, make sure that your device is updated to the software having a build number of “02.00.00” or later. If it is on an older version, then update it from Settings → System → System Update. Moreover, the below flashing process will wipe off all the data on your device, so take a complete device backup beforehand. Thedroidwin will not be held responsible if something happens to your device or data after carrying out the downgrade process.

  1. Download and install the JoinDeveloperPreviewProgram on your device.
  2. Launch the app, check the privacy policy, as well as the following statement:
    "I agree to the privacy policy to participate in the Android Developer Preview Program"
  3. Finally, tap Join. Now click on Load and select the Android 15 firmware file.
  4. The installation will now start. Its status is displayed in Notification under Dynamic System Updates.
  5. Once done, hit Restart. Your device will reboot to the newly flashed Android 15 OS.

How to Downgrade Sharp from Android 15 to Android 14

downgrade sharp android 15 to 14

As opposed to other Android devices wherein you have to download the downgrade firmware and then install it, here all you need to do is a simple restart [thanks to Dynamic System Updates]. So under Notification, under Dynamic System Updates, tap on Restart. Your device will reboot to Android 14.

However, do keep in mind that the Android 15 firmware is still there on your device [and you could access it via a restart from the DSU notification]. To completely remove the Android 15 software from your device, you’ll have to tap on Discard from the Dynamic System Update notification. That’s it.

These were the steps to download and install Android 15 on your Sharp device. Likewise, we have also listed the downgrade steps. If you have any queries concerning the aforementioned steps, do let us know in the comments. We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest.

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